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You’re welcome anytime! We’ll always be around. Aroundday is a cafe near Seoul National Forest in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea and I was hired as a freelance designer to rebrand the existing visual identity. My main goal was to enhance the owner’s desire to be around the customers and be available for their service in a very friendly manner, almost as if inviting them to the inner-circle community which is the cafe in this case. The changes I made include a new logo, logo variations, window decals, business card, paper cup, Instagram Highlight icons, stickers, menu, iPad display, COVID notice (A4-sized poster, Instagram Story, and iPad display), queue buzzer, griptok, and T-shirt. 

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1 {  New Look  }
2 {  R/GA X  }
3 {  Aroundday  }
4 {  85 decibels  }
5 {  MOLA  }  
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7 {  C.B.A.  }
8 {  Images of Traces  }