Branding + Experience Design


Over the course of my internship at R/GA Los Angeles, me and other interns were assigned a task to create a better onboarding experience for the new employees at R/GA LA and celebrate existing employees to build a stronger culture. In order to establish a smooth onboarding experience, we created a unified onboarding ecosystem that exhibits and upholds the various facets of R/GA LA’s core values. The social onboarding ecosystem consists of five touchpoints: Welcome Email, Instagram, Physical Space, First Day Kit, and Slackbot. This system brings the people through all the different stages step-by-step, guiding them on a journey to a satisfying onboarding experience. Ultimately, the ecosystem serves to constantly push the company towards a transformative way of thinking, connect people at a deeper level by linking stories and systems and current employees with the new hires, and fulfill experiences for a more human future through the help of a thriving creative culture. Intern team members include: Daniel Tak (Experience Designer), Jason Yun (Experience Designer), Meghan Lai (Copywriter), Emmaline Terry (Art Director), and Tony Kim (Visual Designer). 



01 | R/GA X
02 | C.B.A.
03 | 85 decibels
04 | zēro
05 | Into the Unknown
06 | Breathing Room