The main objective was to order to establish a smooth onboarding experience for the new employees at R/GA LA and celebrate existing employees to build a stronger culture. As a team (2 Experience Design Interns, 1 Visual Design Intern, 1 Copywriter Intern, and 1 Art Directon Intern), we created a unified onboarding ecosystem that exhibits and upholds the various facets of R/GA LA’s core values.

The social onboarding ecosystem consists of five touchpoints: Welcome Email, Instagram, Physical Space, First Day Kit, and Slackbot. The ecosystem serves to constantly push the company towards a transformative way of thinking, connect people at a deeper level by linking stories and systems and current employees with the new hires, and fulfilling experiences for a more human future culture.

You’re welcome anytime! We’ll always be around. AROUNDDAY (@around.day) a cafe near Seoul National Forest in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, best known for their croffle, variety of beverage options besides coffee, roof top, and dog-friendly environment. I was hired as a freelance designer to rebrand the existing visual identity and make extensions to the existing brand to aquire more customers. My main goal was to enhance the owner’s desire to be around the customers and be available for their service in a very friendly manner, almost as if inviting them to the inner-circle community which is the cafe in this case. The changes I made include a new logo, logo variations, window decals, business card, paper cup, Instagram Highlight icons, stickers, menu, iPad display, COVID notice (A4-sized poster, Instagram Story, and iPad display), queue buzzer, griptok, and T-shirt.

An imaginary independent creative studio specializing in branding and visual identity, founded by Tony Kim and based in Los Angeles, CA. The studio engages in partnerships with artists, designers, and fashion leaders. Design is like choosing what to wear in a particular situation. The way people dress can express various statements depending on what they wear, just like how branding creates an outfit that determines a company's identity. Our goal is to create a vessel that effectively communicates a brand’s desired image with clarity and style.

A museum that showcases Korean contemporary artists who have a holistic view of the world and strives to speak for humanity in order to heal the pure humanity within each individual. Artists deal with subjects such as emptiness to create settings that pose a question to the audience to think critically about each other’s purpose and placement in space and time, to realize the true potential for one’s existence in that world. Neutrality allows people to empty themselves in the vast void of emptiness. Artists are this museum are considered agents of humanity, pursuing a vision that considers all people.

An imaginary Japanese restaurant that focuses on selling donburi, onigiri, packaged meals, and other rice-related food. My visual identity was guided by Monina Velarde, a visiting designer from The New York Times. The name, zero (pronounced zeh-roh and in Japanese translated as ゼロ), conveys the overall concept of the restaurant as selling nothing but rice. A single grain of rice looks like an oval and number zero. Rice is the seed of the grass species, Oryza sativa, and the “O” in its name has a similar shape as of the number zero. I used images more than text to guide the reader through the menu options. I wanted to emphasize visual information over descriptive information, making it easier for customers to choose. Then, I emphasized the product inside of the package, representing the brand while maintaining some degree of mystery to engage consumers and incite curiosity.


This collective project questions ‘originality’ in art and how new meanings can be made through appropriation, alteration, rearrangement, recontextualization, repetition, etc. The act of copying allows individuals, especially artists/designers, to fully understand the formal elements of how a particular piece of work was crafted. Then, recontextualizing or transforming a work into another form allows the artist to implement one’s own style and convey an entirely different story.

‘Supreme Apples’ is a Counterfeit and it holds both positive and negative implications. The work criticizes the act of slapping on a logo of a well known brand on a mundane or ridiculous object and increasing its value tremendously just because of the name-value. At the same time, it acknowledges the significance of logos and how consumers perceive an object.

‘Endless by Frank Ocean’ is a Bootleg because it’s an unofficial product crafted through an improper procedure, disregarding the legality of it. Often times, people burn movies or music on a CD and people would use to sell that illegally. This inspired the idea of downloading all the songs within in the album from YouTube and putting them in a USB since people barely use CDs nowadays, thus, the USB acts as the new vessel. In addition, the USB allows more accessibility since a part of being a Bootleg is about making an exclusive material more accessible to the public.

Lastly, the ‘Thank you! Have a nice day!’ is an Appropriation because it recontextualizes an everyday object, a plastic bag in this case, into another form consisting of different language and cultural context. Ultimately, all the new objects hold a new meaning and it opens up many different possible interpretations, once again, allowing others to appropriate it on their own terms, hence, everything is a remix.

[ Images of Traces (흔적의 잔상) ] is my first solo exhibition as a painter. The exhibition displayed a total of 12 paintings made from September, 2020 to January, 2021. The event was held for a week fro January 11 to 17, 2021 at BINCAN HAPJEONG (@_bincan_) in Seoul, South Korea. ‘Images of Traces’ represents a desire to leave a trace that is reminiscent of myself even when I am not present in that particular moment and place. A trace of memory is what makes me ‘present’ and ‘alive,’ but if memories and traces dissipate, I cease to exist, overwhelmed by complete silence.

The exhibition displays a collection of artwork that borrows the essence and energy of the inner-world and manifests the ‘unseen’ into phyisical form. Essentially, the objects displayed in this particular time and space reflect a curiosity for existence, a connection between the inner and outer-world, and a conversation between the self and the other self. Ultimately, the goal of the exhibition was to leave a trace of myself within the hearts of the audience in order to stay ‘present’ through their memories, to fulfil the desire to stay ‘alive’ and avoid getting forgotten. Although, the physicality of oneself might dissiapte, the scent of the physical being lingers for awhile until it evaporates into oblivion.