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Museum of Limitless Ambience (MOLA) is a museum that showcases Korean contemporary artists who have a holistic view of the world and strives to speak for humanity in order to heal the pure humanity within each individual.

Artists deal with subjects such as emptiness to create settings that pose a question to the audience to think critically about each other’s purpose and placement in space and time, to realize the true potential for one’s existence in that world. Neutrality allows people to empty themselves in the vast void of emptiness. Artists are this museum are considered agents of humanity, pursuing a vision that considers all people.

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1 {  New Look  }
2 {  MOLA  }
3 {  R/GA X  }
4 {  C.B.A.  }
5 {  85 decibels  }  
6 {  zero  }
7 {  Aroundday  }
8 {  Images of Traces  }