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s/s 2019

Into the Unknown

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Into the Unknown is the title of the film festival event that is being highlighted in this fusion of a poster and a website. I explored the idea of ambiguity to compliment Christopher Nolan’s films that are often abstract and obscure in a way that allows individuals to interpret differently, hence, bringing the audience ‘into the unknown.’ I strictly followed a grid-system and played around with rudimentary shapes to express the overall vibe and story of each film in an abstract form within an orderly structure that allows each film to stand out on its own when the mouse is hovered over its respective area.


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1 {  New Look  }
2 {  MOLA  }
3 {  R/GA X  }
4 {  C.B.A.  }
5 {  85 decibels  }
6 {  zero  }