personal project

Images of Traces

Images of Traces (흔적의 잔상) is my first solo exhibition as a painter / fine artist. The exhibition displayed a total of 12 paintings made from September, 2020 to January, 2021. The event was held for a week fro January 11 to 17, 2021 at Bincan Hapjeong in Seoul, South Korea. ‘Images of Traces’ represents a desire to leave a trace that is reminiscent of myself even when I am not present in that particular moment and place. A trace of memory is what makes me ‘present’ and ‘alive,’ but if memories and traces dissipate, I cease to exist, overwhelmed by complete silence.

The exhibition displays a collection of artwork that borrows the essence and energy of the inner-world and manifests the ‘unseen’ into phyisical form. Essentially, the objects displayed in this particular time and space reflect a curiosity for existence, a connection between the inner and outer-world, and a conversation between the self and the other self. Ultimately, the goal of the exhibition was to leave a trace of myself within the hearts of the audience in order to stay ‘present’ through their memories, to fulfil the desire to stay ‘alive’ and avoid getting forgotten. Although, the physicality of oneself might dissiapte, the scent of the physical being lingers for awhile until it evaporates into oblivion.

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