Identity for Ethan Hunt is an imaginative brand identity is based on a ficititous character, Ethan Hunt, from the Mission Impossible movies. The logo is a monogram constructed out of the first and last name initials of Ethan Hunt. The concept is geared towards conveying a sense of switfness, stealth, simplicity, and flexibility through the monogram and overall aesthetic. The monogram is applied in three different brand elements: social media, stationery, and object.


The morse code symbols act as a secondary component to the logo for decorative and secretive use. In addition, the typeface used in the bodytext of the letterhead is Courier which is a monospaced typeface commonly used in the U.S. State Department and screenplays.

One of the brand elements, the object, is a USB card functioning both as an identification card for the company Ethan Hunt is affiliated with and as a hacking device for his secretive activities.

The main ideas for this branding are stealth and secretive identity. The social media account on Instagram reflects Ethan Hunt’s secretive life with minimal amount of followers and following.

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