A ‘drawing’ of one of the human desires: order. I defined ‘drawing’ as a representation of an idea through the use of lines and planes. I have always been fascinated with linear forms so I decided to use basswood to construct my ‘drawing’ in a three-dimensional form to mimic the lines from a two-dimensional drawing.
In addtition, I have not used any machines to cut the wood in order to preserve the authenticity of the hand of the artist, myself, instead I used a saw to cut the basswood into little pieces. Likewise, I wanted to test out how ordered and organized I could be if I were to cut all this by hand rather than through a mechanical, precise instrument that would defeat the purpose of depicting the human desire for order. Therefore, I tried my best to create 25 identical cubes made out of linear structures and present them in the most ordered way where I would measure the distance between each cube and make the distance consistent throughout the whole group of cubes.

human desire: order            
what is order? why do we desire order?

Basic desires of human consists of acceptance, curiosity, idealism, order, eating, romance / sexual desire, social contact, tranquility, etc.
I decided to depict order out of all the human desires because it’s what I associate myself with the most.

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