fine art
2017 — 2021

Fine Art

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A collection of artwork made during my time as a fine artist / painter. Prior to transitioning from BFA in General Fine Arts to BFA in Graphic Design, I have been focusing my artistic endeavors in fine art up until the third year of college. Up until this day, I have passion for both art and design. I strive to form my work and skills by fusing different experiences that I gained from both art and design. The work ranges from year 2017 to 2021. More images of the exhibitions that I have participated at Bincan in South Korea can be seen at @_bincan_ on Instgram. Bincan is a platform that provides a space for young artists to showcase their art and curate exhibitions with full control in the creativity and logistics of the event. Other artwork are pieces that I have made during my time at the Maryland Institute College of Art as a candidate for BFA in General Fine Arts for three years.