Counterfeit, Bootleg, and Appropriation (C.B.A)
This collective project questions ‘originality’ in art and how new meanings can be made through appropriation, alteration, rearrangement, recontextualization, repetition, etc. The act of copying allows individuals, especially artists/designers, to fully understand the formal elements of how a particular piece of work was crafted. Then, recontextualizing or transforming a work into another form allows the artist to implement one’s own style and convey an entirely different story.

Date: 2019

Work: Personal Project / Experimental / Exploration / Manifesto / Identity / Print / Packaging Design


‘Supreme Apples’ is a Counterfeit and it holds both positive and negative implications. The work criticizes the act of slapping on a logo of a well known brand on a mundane or ridiculous object and increasing its value tremendously just because of the name-value. At the same time, it acknowledges the significance of logos and how consumers perceive an object.


‘Endless by Frank Ocean’ is a Bootleg because it’s an unofficial product crafted through an improper procedure, disregarding the legality of it. Often times, people burn movies or music on a CD and people would use to sell that illegally. This inspired the idea of downloading all the songs within in the album from YouTube and putting them in a USB since people barely use CDs nowadays, thus, the USB acts as the new vessel. In addition, the USB allows more accessibility since a part of being a Bootleg is about making an exclusive material more accessible to the public.


‘Thank you! Have a nice day!’ is an Appropriation because it recontextualizes an everyday object, a plastic bag in this case, into another form consisting of different language and cultural context. Ultimately, all the new objects hold a new meaning and it opens up many different possible interpretations, once again, allowing others to appropriate it on their own terms, hence, everything is a remix.