A collection of five poems written by an Instagram poet, Atticus (@atticuspoetry). The book exhibits a combination of both analog (hand-written) and digital text. The title of the book was created based on the overall theme of all the selected poems, the intention was to have a title that would sum up all the different poems into a single story.  Likewise, the poems are placed in a specific order to tell an intimate story. Ultimately, the goal was to convey an intimate experience through the use of hand-written texts almost as if a person would write about his/her feelings and moments in a diary.


Sketches consist of various attempts at getting the best possible solution for the analog component of the book. Some texts did not perfectly translate into a scanned or digitialized text, for example, the counter in ‘g’ or ‘o’ letters appeared simply as a black circle, thus, making the letters look awkwardly bolder compared to other letters.

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